SchoolCNXT is a flexible, mobile/web-based parent engagement platform that connects parents, teachers, students, and administrators, providing an efficient and effective way to share news and important information; send reminders; and create an engaged, connected community.


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What is Parent Engagement?

Parent engagement is an ongoing, two-way dialogue between the district/school/teacher and parents to ensure student achievement and success.

Why Parent Engagement?

Students with engaged parents have better student outcomes. And parents who are connected to one another are most likely to engage.

Family Engagement

We believe that all* families can and should be engaged with their child’s school and education.

* Not just those that currently engage.

Engaging parents. Creating community.

Parent-to-Parent Engagement

Connect parents to each other to drive engagement of your entire district/school community

Personalized Engagement

Relevant and personalized news and information for parents increases user adoption and parent engagement

Efficient and Safe Engagement

Quickly engage all families in a single interface.  And it’s safe – designed specifically for districts and schools

Engaging all Families

Translate all communication into 80 languages. Have communication read aloud to overcome any literacy challenges

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find. share. engage.